Meet Pedro, one of the teachers at IPTA. He holds a masters degree in Physical Therapy and has worked with orthopaedic and sports injuries for over 18 years.

1. What do you like the most about your job as a teacher?

What I like the most as a teacher is that I get to interact and set the knowledge foundations of future personal trainers.

2. What makes Marbella such an ideal place if you want to become a personal trainer?

With the possibility to train and teach outside almost all year round, it makes Marbella the perfect spot for learning and training in the sun.

3. How do you help the students to perform at their best?

I always try to highlight the importance of basics. If you master the basics and the principles, the rest comes by itself. Make the complex simple. Positive feedback and hands on teaching is also important.

4. Any good advice before joining IPTA? 

Come with an open mind and “knowledge hungry” and you’ll be fine!



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